Lenovo Phab PB1-750M Wi-Fi issue on custom ROM

bearbeitet May 2019 in Miscellaneous
The Wi-Fi issue is only on non-EU Phablets (both Android 5.1 and v6), so we need to compare System folder from stock firmware (Android 5.1:
and change the data file in the custom ROM with files from stock.


  • bearbeitet May 2019
    Wonderful custom ROM, but wifi is not working. After entering password it keep on showing connecting, but wont connect.
  • bearbeitet May 2019
    So we need to parse the systems folder from the stock firmware (Android v6):
  • bearbeitet May 2019
    The Wi-Fi issue is only on non-EU Phabs, so chinese one need to recheck the files:
  • Now my wi-fi is working on the CyanogenMod v13
    I've flashed MIUI, CyanogenMod and 750N Chinese firmware, deleted all partitions, flashed via Multiflash, fastboot and QFIL.
    Finally, after flashing OTA-CyanogenMod v13 I've found out, that my wi-fi is working!!
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